Sticks Cigars in Rahway NJ: Going to My 1st-Ever Cigar Bar

Sticks Cigars Rahway NJOn a special occasion like celebrating a life event, I like to have a cigar. It’s once in a blue moon, but I do enjoy it from time to time.

I’ve never been to a cigar bar in my life, but was excited when my friend Jon wanted to do one for his bachelor party in NYC in 2014.  Unfortunately, a couple of people in our group were wearing shorts and the dress code was pants only… so no luck.

But it wouldn’t be until over 3 years later when I got an opportunity to go to a cigar bar near me. It was actually accidental since me and my significant other were going to a Cuban restaurant in Rahway NJ when we stumbled across Sticks Cigars.

Turns out, it’s a cigar bar that just opened like 2 months ago and we decided to go in since we wanted to try something different. We were properly greeted by a woman named Emily who gave us a tour of the establishment that included lockers that you could rent out for a yearly fee and an outside area.

We wound up sitting inside in comfortable chairs as the cigars they had in stock were explained to us. I wound up leaving to grab a bottle of wine since it is a BYOB with a glass fee. When I got back, we enjoy 2 different cigars with our wine: one mild one made for 1st-time smokers like her and one a little more robust.

Overall, Sticks Cigars gave me (and my significant other) a very fun experience with a helpful & nice staff. We’ll definitely visit again and I recommend going there if you’re looking for a cigar bar in the Rahway, New Jersey area that offers a budget-friendly smoke and an intimate atmosphere with a big screen TV.

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