#TBT Business Card: St. Charles Memorials

St Charles Memorials

I’ve decided to throw back to a business card I got a while ago because I was organizing my collection and noticed a difference between the ones with a website and ones made before the Internet existed. Rather, before the Internet was prevalent.

However, you can tell this one is really old by the phone number on it. Bayside 9-8047; now that’s old. I also like how there isn’t an address on it, but a cross street and an exit off the parkway. There wasn’t any Google Maps back in those times.

You can’t tell from the photo (maybe you can), but the texture is much thicker than a normal business card and the edges even have a vintage feel.

This isn’t a long blog, but it’s going to serve as an introduction to a new category of #TBT blog posts. I’ll be telling stories about interesting things that have happened to me in the past with the old business cards from the places they occurred.

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