Thank You and Goodbye PCG

PCG Digital MarketingWhether you know it or not, I’ve decided to leave PCG Digital Marketing. I’ve been employed by PCG since March 0f 2011 when I joined the team as a Content Writer and got promoted up to Project Manager in April 2013.

Now that a lot of my work is done and I explained my clients to people at work, it feels sort of surreal. The last time I left a full-time job was in 2009 when I got laid off along with a quarter of my company.

We had a happy hour at the Houlihan’s by my job today in my honor and it showed me the reason why I enjoyed working at PCG: the people. They made some of the good moments even better and some of the bad moments more bearable.

I’ve enjoyed talking with and working with various team members throughout the years, whether they’re still working at the company or decided to move on and pursue other endeavors like I have. I have a lot of fond memories of work, whether it’s through the relationships I’ve had or some of the achievements I’ve done professionally.

I’m not mentioning any specific names because I don’t want to make anyone feel left out, but there are so many people that helped me along the way to learn more about writing content, managing projects and SEO in general. I thank them all since they helped me become the professional I am today.

I’ve learned from mistakes I’ve made and have become a better person for it. PCG has made me a better person and I thank everyone there for it.

Goodbye, PCG.

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