Thanks for the Gift Certificate and Meal Manalapan Diner

Diner Gift Certificate NJ

This is one of the first pieces of mail we received at the new house: a $25 gift certificate from the Manalapan Diner. Well, $25 is motivation enough to try a new restaurant, especially a diner like the Manalapan.

Manalapan DinerMe and my wife decided to go to this restaurant as the second diner in our new area, the first being All Seasons II. The first thing that I noticed was the artistic theme, which I later found out was inspired by Gustav Klimt and his work “The Kiss.” It was a nice touch to see that it didn’t look just like any other diner.

But a diner’s look isn’t what I came for: we had to try the food. The first thing ordered were the potato skins, which were some of the best I ever ate since their taste resembled that of a baked potato vs an unhealthy bar snack.

The main event was a chicken avocado panini that also had jack cheese and roasted red peppers on it. Like with many other “paninis”, it technically wasn’t a panini, but it was pretty close… though the mess that came from all of ingredients was just the same as ones done by other faux paninis. However, this combination tasted very good, as did my side order of broccoli.

I also must say that the service was nice as well, although it was strange how we had a shift change and 2 different waiters. The man who took our drink order was nice enough, but the girl who took the rest of our order (Nicole) treated us great. I would definitely come back to the Manalapan Diner in the future.

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