That Meetball Place: So Many Balls, So Little Time

That Meetball Place

I always enjoy seeing family on special occasions even if the drive out to Long Island is sometimes a hassle. This time, it was my nephew Dante’s birthday and he¬†wanted to go out to a restaurant: That Meetball Place in Patchogue NY. The town is apparently being built up since I don’t remember the downtown being as nice the last time I went there long ago.

It was a lunch reservation and we got appetizers to start such as hummus, cheesy garlic bread, garlic french fries and literally the biggest pretzel I’ve ever seen (seriously, this pretzel was the size of my head). It was all tasty, but the highlight appetizer was what are called Ballchos that were basically nachos with guacamole and crushed beef chili meatballs on top, which I eventually turned into a makeshift salad.

Naturally, I had to get meatballs as well. Unsure of what I wanted and with so many different beef, chicken, seafood, spicy and veggie balls to choose from, I opted to get the sampler.

Restaurant Patchogue NY

After carefully choosing from the meatball types and the sauce options, I opted to get:

  • Moroccan Lamb (blended with 8 spices) in pesto sauce
  • Balls of Fire (ground pork, Chorizo sausage & black beans) in pancetta cream sauce
  • Vegetable Balls (wheat free with wahini rice, lentils & fresh veggies) in spicy marinara

Each of these meatballs were really good in their own way from the Moroccan’s flavorful bite to the way the vegetable balls with a little kick from the sauce. I’d definitely grab another bite at That Meatball Place.

And the quality family time was also fun as per usual.

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