That’s Quite the Fancy Title

Barbera TerranovaI apologize for not writing in a little while. Life’s been a little busy lately and I’ve been working hard. Speaking of working hard, I’ve recently come across a business card of Barbara Terranova, who is known as The Mattress Queen. That’s quite the claim and fancy title.

But that’s not why I’m writing the blog. (I didn’t realize it until I started writing the blog that she was the Mattress Queen).

It’s because of her other non-royal title of Comfort Consultant. It’s no Prime Minister, but it’s still a pretty fancy title nonetheless. It could have been salesperson or mattress expert, but comfort consultant seems to be the best way to describe someone who can help you pick the right mattress.

And it’s not as arrogant as declaring yourself the Mattress Queen.

Jonathan PellecchiaBut I digress. What’s truly fascinating is that this is not the only Comfort Consultant business card that I’ve gotten recently. One of the business cards I got recently from my college friends at the last wedding I went to (and wrote about) was for a different type of Comfort Consultant.

Again, this is a fancy way of saying you work as someone who installs heating and air conditioning. I really wouldn’t be more compelled to buy a mattress or HVAC service from someone with a fancy title. I would want someone who can do the job right.

What do you think of fancy titles like this one?

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