The $7 Haircut Experience

Great ClipsI recently got a coupon in the mail for an adult haircut that was priced at only $6.99. I’ve been to the Great Clips in South Plainfield NJ before, but it’s been a while because I’ve tried other places out elsewhere.

My Foursquare even said I hadn’t checked in there since 2011. I didn’t even realize it was that long. The woman who used to cut my hair there had twice as much hair on her head, which is a sign that I haven’t shown Great Clips too much love lately.

They really went under a metamorphosis since the last time I got a haircut there. Their business card design changed for one. The design is more uniform, which is always great for any company, as I’ve learned through my experience at PCG Digital Marketing.

I’ve put up the new business cards to the left, as well as the old ones below, so you can compare the two.

Great Clips NJThe brand image change continued when looking around, based on the new pricing display that I saw. There’s also a screen that shows the order in which customers come in, so you can see how long you have to wait for a haircut.

Does this really influence me to get a haircut at Great Clips? Honestly, no. I get the same boring (but sexy) haircut every time I go to the barber, or should I say the stylist since that sounds fancier and the women don’t give you the mental image that you get when you think of the word “barber”. I picture either an older man or Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake who I’ve wrestled before in a steel cage match, but again I digress.

Great ClipsI don’t know who the branding image of a hair salon appeals to (maybe women), but I think the haircut that the stylist provides is a much bigger factor into whether I go back to a place or not. I sometimes go to the mall by my job, I sometimes go to SuperCuts to get enough haircuts to get a free one. The image to the left doesn’t inspire me to choose Great Clips as my haircutting choice.

I don’t not recommend it, as the woman cutting my hair made good conversation. The conversation you have is basically the whole haircut experience for me. I enjoyed getting my hair cut for half price. I’d do it again. I just need another coupon.

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