The Electric Experience I Had With ATK Solutions

ATK SolutionsFunny thing about our house: we needed some electrical work to be done by the seller. And of course, there were flaws with that as half the outlets in the living room, an outdoor outlet and one in a spare bedroom.

So we had to call an electrician to see what the problem was and if we had to threaten to take the seller to small claims court for not doing what he was supposed to… again. Alas, there was no courtroom drama. There were some theatrics however.

After Antonio’s (who I’m calling Tony for the rest of this post) initial meeting with us, we had to arrange a day for his crew to come by since he’s a general contractor and we had some other issues around the house to fix. There would be 2 different crews: the small stuff and the electrical work/bathroom shower.

The Small Stuff

The team of 2 (not including Tony) came to do the minor work. They were nice and helpful with the repairs we needed, although they ran out for supplies a few times (which made for a nice lull in between working from home). At the very least, their boombox (yes, those exist still) was playing a classic rock station.

But they only took 1 day to complete all the small stuff and fixed everything they needed to, even providing a temporary solution for something more permanent we need done down the road.

Electrical Work

There’s more of a story with the electrician, Joe. Tony told me that Joe doesn’t drive, but he’s so good at his job that he’s willing to pick him up… that had me optimistic. However, it took 3 separate cancellations to finally get them to come do the electrical work. One of them was because of a trip to the emergency room and another was because of a funeral. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I didn’t have to call them every time to find out while waiting at home.

But, it was worth the wait since they fixed the problem in about 2 hours since it was the mere incompetence of the seller’s electrician who left a wire cut. You figure that someone who can’t spell repair correctly on a report might not be the best person to use, but I guess the seller just did what cost the least.

Overall, my experience with ATK Solutions was a good one and I’d use them again, but hopefully won’t have to keep following up about whether they would be coming that day or not.

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