The Stats of a Fun Night Out

The last time I blogged about going to Buffalo Wild Wings, I did not have such a good experience. However, I went to the Secaucus NJ location this time and I didn’t get it to go. Instead, I ate there with a group of friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

I also noticed a change at the restaurant: the business cards. At the North Brunswick NJ location (and the other Buffalo Wild Wings I’ve been to), the business card was cut in half vertically, with the first half being black with the company logo and the second half with all of the pertinent information about the employee and location.

At this location, they decided to give the employees stats to fit the sports theme of the restaurant. I might not be a big sports fan, but I know how stats work. Below are the business cards I acquired, as well as the stats of the food I ate.

Buffalo Wild Wings Secaucus NJ

Spicy Garlic Boneless Wings Eaten: 13
Jammin’ JalapeƱo Boneless Wings Eaten: 12
Thai Curry Boneless Wings Eaten: 10
Stomachaches Had: 1
Trips to the Bathroom: 2

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