Things Get a Little Penile in Union Square

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us and one event that happens annually (apparently) is the Union Square Holiday Market.

It was definitely interesting to see so many independent small businesses doing their thing in Union Square. There were some that popped out as being more penile than others in name only.

And of course, it’s food related. Good thing I ate a big meal at Max Brenner for Beth’s birthday, otherwise I would have bought even more food.

Mighty BallsThe first one that really popped out at me was Mighty Balls. After looking at what they had to offer and browsing their website, I found out that they were all about gourmet meatballs.

I enjoy a good meatball. I think I make good turkey meatballs stuffed with mozzarella (and Parmesan if I have it in the fridge). I’d definitely give it a try since I’m a meatball fan and like to have different flavors in my proteins.

Nuts Plus NutsAfter walking around a bit (and collecting business cards of course as I do everywhere I go), I ran into Nuts + Nuts (pronounced Nuts Plus Nuts). After speaking with the person behind the booth and doing some online research, I found out their main focus was cashews.

That might make the name a little deceiving since you’d expect almonds, walnuts & more, but Cashews + Cashews wouldn’t sound as penile and ear-catching. I’d definitely try these nuts as well, especially since I’ve been eating more nuts lately and looking to add new ways to get them in my diet.

Have you ever sampled Mighty Balls or Nuts + Nuts? Let me know your experience with these brands in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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