Throwback: A Business Card With a Sample

I feel like a business card is a potential first impression that a customer can get if they don’t know you already and you either give it out at an event or if you put them in the public’s eye on a bulletin board or the like.

There are several ways that business cards can stand out from the pack. One of them is through attaching a sample of work to the card itself.

Steve Solop

I think this is a brilliant move to do, especially for the industry that he’s in. And all he (probably) had to do was repurpose fabric scraps he wasn’t going to use anyway.

Usually, the business card is attached to a brochure or a pamphlet explaining more. Those are always my least favorite since I have to remove the staple by hand

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen attached to a business card? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,715

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