An Impulse Turkey Brie From Cafe Amici of Wyckoff

Cafe AmiciI had a craving the other day for something different for lunch. I usually get a chicken or coldcuts from the supermarket. This time, I wanted to try somewhere new.

Cafe Amici is right near my job and I thought it looked good. I entered the cafe to who seemed like the owner dining on an omelet. I saw the menu and decided to impulsively order… a sandwich.

I say that’s impulsive since I minimize the amount of bread I intake. When I said coldcuts earlier, I eat them straight up or on some lettuce.

But I am going off topic. I was a bit annoyed that it actually took 15 minutes for my sandwich to be made, but I guess I thought it would be quicker for some reason. I didn’t take into account that a chef (Arthur Toufayan) was probably in the back making everything fresh.

And put it in a fancy box.

Arthur Toufayan

Cafe Amici Wyckoff NJI thought it was some sort of cake or pastry collection when it first came out. But, it contained this gem: the Turkey Brie, which is roasted turkey, brie cheese & ancho chili jam on a toasted French baguette.

That sandwich really hit the spot, especially since it came with house chips that were made right (not too salty but still thicker and crunchy). The jam really gave the turkey and brie a nice little kick, while the chips helped to be just enough carbs to satisfy my craving.

I’ll definitely go back at some point.¬†Tell me about your experience at Cafe Amici of Wyckoff in the comments or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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