The Used Car Shopping Experience at Enterprise in Iselin NJ

Anita Y PeeleI haven’t been used car shopping since my mother helped me find my 1999 Dodge Intrepid in college, which incidentally died right after I paid a toll on the Tappan Zee Bridge. But this experience was different since it was my significant other purchasing her next vehicle.

And the place she chose was the same one she got her last vehicle from: the Enterprise car sales location in Iselin, New Jersey. I’ve worked with car dealerships for a number of years through my full-time job, so I know how they operate and which vehicles were the safest choice & worth the money.

Enterprise is a little bit different since they have a no-haggle pricing policy, which means there’s no need (or room, depending on your point of view) to negotiate. I was honestly skeptical at first until I arrived at the dealership and met with our salesperson Anita Y. Peele.

The Enterprise Experience With Anita Y. Peele

Enterprise Iselin NJ

From the very beginning, Anita treated us very well and helped get the right SUV that met all driving needs & the budget. Between needing added space for 2 young kids, their respective booster/baby seats and other cargo, a 2015 Chevy Equinox they had in stock was the best bet.

Problem was that it was on Long Island instead of being in NJ. Luckily, Anita made some calls to the Huntington location to secure the vehicle and get it delivered quickly. To make sure that we liked the Equinox, we got to sit inside of a different model they had in stock with fewer miles & see the features the vehicle.

Once the Equinox arrived to our nearby Enterprise location, Anita called to let us know we can pick up the vehicle. That’s where the real challenge came in since we picked up the SUV with the kids as well. Luckily, the dealership was practically empty since it was really late.

Let me tell you: keeping kids entertained is not easy at a used car dealership, but somehow Anita got the job done between stickers, bubbles and a big box of snack food that I wound up wolfing down Rice Krispie Treats from. But that was only part of the goodness, as Anita kept making calls between the lenders, insurance companies and more to ensure that we drove home in the Chevy Equinox that night.

And we did. If you’re shopping for a used car in the Iselin NJ area, I’d definitely recommend going to Enterprise and asking for Anita Peele since she’ll go the extra mile with a smile on her face.

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