Wedding Blog: A Weekend of Tastings

For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to have both my wedding cake tasting and my wedding menu tasting on the same weekend. Boy, was I full.

Palermo's BakerySaturday was the wedding cake tasting at Palermo’s Bakery in Ridgefield Park NJ. We made an appointment for 3:30 and it was a pretty packed room. There were many fake cakes on display to show what kind of unique work they can do.

But, let’s move onto the tasting. The girl who was there was quite nice and helpful when bringing us our cake. My stomach cringed when seeing the cake.

Wedding Cake Tasting

Yeah, there were too many flavors to choose from. Some were good and some weren’t. Who would choose to put chocolate pudding in a wedding cake anyway? We decided on 2 flavors to have, one that Beth enjoyed the most and one that I liked.

I’m not a huge dessert person, I might have it once a week (if that). Beth also got me a grooms cake, but I left the store when she was talking about it. Good thing I walked up and down Main Street to snag some more business cards, including a barber shop/shoe shop combination place with a rap theme. Interesting.

Galloping Hill Golf CourseSunday was the wedding menu tasting at Galloping Hill. If I thought I was full on Saturday, then Sunday redefined full. I also met our bridal attendant, who was quite nice and helpful. I’m confident in her ability to make our wedding day even better.

My, my fiancee, my mother & Beth’s guardian ate an array of appetizers including cocktail franks, coconut shrimp, mini beef wellington, bacon-wrapped scallops, samosas and more. The entrees were next: two fish courses, two beefs and two chickens with various sides. Everything tasted delightful and I took home some for lunch the next day.

Overall, both tastings were fun experiences that you need to really ready yourself for in terms of how much food there is. Tell me about your tasting experiences in the comments below or on my Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

Business Card Count: 30,125

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