Wedding Blog: Rehearsal Dinner Restaurant Tasted & Booked

Garlic Rose Cranford NJIt’s another wedding blog, but it doesn’t involve the wedding day: it’s the rehearsal dinner. Me, my fiancée and my mom wound up having lunch at the Garlic Rose in Cranford NJ, right by our wedding venue. That made it one of our first choices for a rehearsal dinner spot.

When we arrived, Marc Corello (who my mom spoke with on the phone) was not present and had to be fetched via phone. I’m not sure if he was running errands or just forgot we were coming, but we waited for like 20 minutes for him to arrive.

Anyway, we sat down and looked at the menu. We wanted to sample some of the food, so we ordered an appetizer to share, a pasta meal split 3 ways and 3 entrées: a beef, a chicken and a fish.

Virtually everything we ate there tasted great, so I want to keep the food items a secret for our guests invited to the rehearsal dinner. The one thing that was not exactly right was the fish course I ordered: the Salmon St. Michele. The lemon velouté sauce was way too sweet to my liking and the saffron yellow rice was bland.

That just means I’ll have to pick another fish and I have one in mind. I also think I’ll be opting not to have the rice on the side and replacing it with something else.

We’ll see what happens though, as the rest of the food I tried (everything) was quite good. Our one other concern was that Beth’s grandma isn’t exactly mobile and there’s a set of stairs to go down to the private party room we reserved. I guess I’ll be carrying grandma on my shoulder.

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