Wedding Blog: The Special Weekend Has Come & Gone

I’ve been blogging about my wedding ever since I proposed. I documented every step of the way and now it’s finally done. Between the wedding weekend and the honeymoon, everything went pretty much as smoothly as possible.

Here are my brief thoughts on each major expense for the whole wedding/honeymoon experience:

The Garlic Rose: The food and service were both great for our rehearsal dinner. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was good to eat dinner & chat with friends.

Homewood Suites by Hilton: I felt like this was a bit disappointing since Beth’s room had 2 leaks in it and I thought someone else was staying in my room since the dishwasher was running, the lights were on and the door was open. Not to mention, the maintenance staff disobeyed a Do Not Disturb sign on the door the morning after the wedding. One night of Beth’s stay wound up being free because of this, but I was still upset that this didn’t go super smoothly.

River Dell Flowers: All of the floral arrangements looked amazing and nothing seemed out of place.

Love & Light Photographs: They made the wedding photo experience so easy and all of the photos turned out great. Check out some of the featured ones here.

Sounds To Go: The music from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and throughout the reception was spot on, as was the lighting. The photo booth also seemed to be a big hit.

Galloping Hill Golf Course: The venue helped make everything happen, even coordinating with the photographer to get sunset photos taken. They made sure we had cocktail hour food in our room and ensured us that we ate.

One more thing I want to mention: between the dress, hair and makeup, Beth was such a beautiful bride. I could barely keep my eyes off of her all night.

Sandals Grande Antigua: This was such a fun week away from it all. The butlers treated us great, helped whenever we needed them to and even set up some romantic surprises all week along. The food was good as well, aside from the disappointment we both felt in the food quality and service at the Bayside restaurant during dinner. The beach and pool areas were also wonderful, especially since our butlers always reserved us a spot wherever we asked.

Another inconvenience was when we booked an excursion and it wasn’t put into the system properly, so we had to do it another day. But, Beth and I had fun exploring Antigua by sea (even though she got a little sick). We both swam with sting rays and I snorkeled at the Pillars of Hercules near English Harbour. The room was also very nice and featured a rain shower that we both miss.

I hope you enjoyed reading my wedding blog series. Seeing as this is (hopefully) the only wedding I’ll ever have, this is the “happily ever after” part of my wedding fairy tale.

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