Wedding Blog: Wedding Venue Hunt Days 3-5

My blogging time has been a bit behind lately due to life events shining through. It’s been a while since my last wedding blog. We went to see 2 wedding venues per weekend over the last 3 weekends, so let’s delve in!

Lake Mohawk Country ClubLake Mohawk Country Club

This was the furthest north that we went to see. The view where we would get married from was amazing, overlooking the lake. The indoor space was also pretty nice.

However, the outdoor wedding space was on a boardwalk that was too narrow, the parking situation was a bit off to us and Blake, who was were supposed to see, had a crisis and we spoke with her assistant instead.

Seasons CateringSeasons Catering

Our next stop was Seasons Catering, where we met with co-owner Carl Carfello. While the cocktail hour was amazing (and is per my brother & his wife going to a wedding there), that’s all the wedding venue seemed to offer.

The inside was nice, but a bit too much. The outside we couldn’t get access to because we weren’t a big enough party. Carl also said it would be “his wedding”, not “our wedding”.

Galloping Hill Golf CourseGalloping Hill Golf Course

The first impression I had of Galloping Hill Golf Course threw me off. It’s right by the Garden State Parkway (it’s literally right outside the door, on a separate level of course) and is next to a cemetery.

However, everything else seemed on par, pun intended. The outdoor area was really nice with a separate ceremony area that’s nowhere near the parkway.

The inside space is also nice and gives you more than ample room for the cocktail hour and reception. Not to mention the nice view you get overlooking the golf course and nature in general.

This venue is equally as good as the Brooklake Country Club, but offers a more affordable price tag.

Indian Trail ClubIndian Trail Club

I feel as though Beth chose Indian Trail Club purely because the Real Housewives of New Jersey hang out in Franklin Lakes. With that being said, it was going to be remodeled by the time we had our wedding (which is good since I didn’t like it much) and made it hard to visualize. Even though we made an appointment, Debbie Pagerie, who we spoke with, had no idea we were coming in. Next…

Meadow Wood ManorMeadow Wood Manor

When going to Meadow Wood Manor, we spoke with Mary Ellen Hatcher. She was probably the nicest of the people we spoke with. She really sold the place on us.

Even though the inside was nice and the food options were really good for the price, the outdoor space wasn’t that great. There was also no green space for wedding photos, even though Randolph is a bit out of the way.

Westminster HotelWestminster Hotel

This is the last of the venues and the only one I spoke with. After some misunderstandings with Amy Sukiennik about coming to see the place and the hotel asking for info that we already gave, we looked around.

I wanted to see what a hotel venue was like for the convenience and it probably gave the nicest overall package out there. I also enjoyed the fact that everything onsite was top notch, from the suites to the rooms where the wedding would be held.

However, the outdoor ceremony space seemed thrown together. It was right in front where cars would drive up to check in. Beyond the hedges was highway.

It will probably rain on our wedding day, so all of this stuff we’re looking into for an outdoor ceremony will be all for naught. That wraps up our wedding venue hunt.

Wedding Venue Rankings

1. Galloping Hill Golf Course… wedding’s booked for June 7, 2015!
2. Brooklake Country Club
3. Westminster Hotel
4. Meadow Wood Manor
5. Battleground Country Club
6. Lake Mohawk Country Club
7. Shadowbrook
8. Shackamaxon Country Club
9. Seasons Catering
10. Mayfair Farms
11. Indian Trail Club
12. The Elan

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