Wedding Blog: Wedding Venue Hunt Day 2

The day after I went to see my first wedding venues, as I wrote about in my last wedding blog post, my fiancée and I saw three more wedding venues. The results this time around were much more interesting and extreme.

The ElanThe Elan

Red Flag #1: We got lost getting to the place.

Red Flag #2: The gazebo was right outside the front door facing the highway.

Red Flag #3: The parking lot was dirty and had trucks behind it from what looked to be another company that has its business behind it.

We literally dreaded walking in there and knew that it was not the venue for us, but decided to see it anyway. We wound up going inside to see nobody around. I literally grabbed all of the business cards in site, including their preferred vendors, and ran for the hills.

Brookdale Country ClubBrooklake Country Club

Brooklake Country Club is the polar opposite of The Elan. The area was beautiful, including the outer grounds and the inside. The menu was great and Stanley Subarsky, the man who we saw and are currently dealing with, was quite nice and knowledgeable.

Seeing this venue immediately made me forget about my horrible experience at The Elan.

Mayfair FarmsMayfair Farms

We arrived at Mayfair Farms and walked in to find nobody around. It looked really old fashioned inside at first glance and we went to the bathroom before actually seeing someone.

We met with Scott Pinck and he seemed like a nice guy. However, we found that the outdoor wedding space was not attractive and wouldn’t be even when trees grew in. There’s a fenced area behind where the ceremony would be that looked like the ground in the woods. Not attractive.

The venue also felt a little cramped, especially since they do two weddings at once.

Wedding Venue Rankings

1. Brooklake Country Club
2. Battleground Country Club
3. Shadowbrook
4. Shackamaxon Country Club
5. Mayfair Farms
6. The Elan

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