Well, I’m Engaged Now

Iannelli DiamondsI haven’t blogged in a while because there were a few important life events that have happened. And work also.

But back to the important life events. In some of the blogs that I’ve written, I talked about my girlfriend Beth. Now, she’s my fiancĂ©e and we’ll be planning a wedding together.

The first thing people ask: when’s the wedding? Hold your horses.

The second thing people ask: how did he or you, depending on who’s being asked, pop the question.

Business Card BlogWell, here’s how it went down. It was Valentine’s Day. Yes, I did that clichĂ©. After a work happy hour, we arrived home and Beth went to take a shower and that’s when I set up tea lights that said “Marry Me”.

You can see it in the picture for yourself.

Then, I played “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, as it’s one of her favorite songs. She sings it at night also, so I thought it was appropriate.

Wedding BlogNow, let’s talk about the ring. I bought it from Iannelli Diamonds (business card above) on the recommendation of my financial adviser.

Mario Iannelli handled my ring purchase and it was great. He was very helpful in getting me what I wanted. And by what I wanted, I mean what Beth told me to get. But hey, I chose the diamond. I designed the ring. I lost a little bit of my soul paying for it.

Now that I’m engaged, you’ll be seeing some more wedding blog posts. From seeing venues and attending tastings to choosing flowers and music, I will be getting my hands on a lot of business cards.

And for those things that only Beth will go to, I’ll be sure to ask her to get me the business cards and I might even add them to the wedding blog series that I will be writing.

KleinfeldMy aunt and uncle gave me one wedding-themed business card already. Beth loves Kleinfeld based on the reality show “Say Yes to the Dress”.

I don’t think this is the location on the show, but I felt like I should throw this business card up for the fun of it.


  1. Janet Cosgrove says:

    Looking forward to hearing about the planning fun! Bet there are a bunch if “yes dears”. Lol congratulations!!

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