Whatever Happened to Quiznos? It’s So Much Better Than Subway

Quiznos Poughkeepsie NYA while back, I wrote a blog post about Subway and how it’s not worth the money. One submarine sandwich shop that’s worth the money is Quiznos.

I remember first experiencing Quiznos at their location in Poughkeepsie, New York that happened to be right across the street from my college campus (along with 2 pizzerias, a deli and more). It’s still there to this day, but I noticed that many locations closed.

So it made me wonder: whatever happened to Quiznos?

Turns out that they closed a bunch of locations during the recession and in 2014 when they filed for Chapter 11. It’s a real shame, but I can see how people would gravitate towards Subway because of its message of being healthier over Quiznos being more savory.

Though I don’t think the spongmonkeys ever had child porn like Jared did.

The food at Quiznos is so much better than Subway and Quiznos toasting their subs long before Subway did. I discovered it in college and enjoyed it while there, at home on break from college, on occasional trips to NYC and at rest stops. Alas, there are few and far between nowadays.

My favorite sub to get was the Chicken Carbonara (chicken, bacon, mozzarella & mushrooms with parmesan alfredo sauce) on wheat. I always got it with a large with some chips and raspberry lemonade. It was a go-to meal at least once a week for me because I loved the cheese flavor and the chicken/mushroom/alfredo/bacon combo.

I also got the Baja Chicken (chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese baja sauce and no onions & chipotle mayo) on occasion, but never enough for it to be my favorite. I’d love to eat at Quiznos again, but I’d have to find a location since they don’t have many… while Subway has one in like every town. I need that Chicken Carbonara, like yesterday.

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