Why My Local Corner Bakery Cafe Closed in NJ

Corner Bakery Cafe ClosingI first saw the Corner Balery Cafe open in South Plainfield, New Jersey in 2014. My wife and I went there expecting it to be our possible next casual/cheap meal spot, especially since they offered free Wi-Fi and a restaurant environment similar to one Beth loves. I blogged about it here people.

Corner Bakery Cafe NJ

However, the Corner Bakery Cafe shut its doors a little over a year after its grand opening. I guess you can say it was a whimper of a closing. Here are a few reasons I feel it failed:

  1. It couldn’t fill the shoes of the restaurant spaces it took over. That’s right: it took over the space of 2 restaurants… Baja Fresh that closed down for reasons I explained in one of my first blogs and Quiznos, my favorite sub shop ever. That also means double the rent.
  2. There’s a Panera Bread right down the road. Literally less than a mile away and Panera has more credibility with the consumer & what feels like a better menu to the public.
  3. There’s a Red Robin right next to it also. The kiddies probably prefer Red Robin’s burgers, fries and milkshakes to Corner Bakery Cafe’s healthier food.
  4. There’s a freaking Chipotle in the next parking lot that’s walking distance. ‘Nuff said.

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