Wings Must Be Bad Luck

One of my favorite foods to eat are chicken wings, whether they’re on-the-bone at a party or a bar, grilled during a hot summer afternoon with a mixed drink in hand or, my favorite, boneless style. I love chicken, fried foods are a guilty pleasure (it’s also yours, admit it) and I love spicy food, so this is why it’s one of my meals of choice.

However, I feel as though wings have been bad luck as of late when dining out. You may think I’m absurd, but I have worked out a theory.

Hooters NJ

It all started when I went to the Hooters in Paramus NJ a couple of weeks ago with a group of friends. I ordered 20 boneless spicy garlic wings and everyone else at the table received their food except for me. They ate and enjoyed their food as I sat on my hands. Our waitress (it’s Hooters, so you can make you own mental image) said they screwed up my order and my wings “would be right out.”

This went on for 20 minutes until I finally got my order. Everyone at the table aside from me was done with their food except a couple of girls eating their salads gingerly.

The manager actually came over and apologized for the horrendous service and gave me the coupon to the left for 10 free boneless wings when I purchase 10. Luckily, my group of buddies and I go to this restaurant after every wrestling event we’re a part of at the Paramus Elks Lodge, so I will be back to take advantage of the savings.

Buffalo Wild Wings NJ

This string of luck continued at the Buffalo Wild Wings in North Brunswick NJ when I went to pick up dinner this past weekend. It was Thursday, which meant their boneless wing special. I indulged in 10 jammin’ jalapeno boneless wings and 15 spicy garlic boneless wings.

However, I got the receipt after charging my card and they overpriced me. I got the manager and he said the $9.00 would be added to my account in 2-3 business days. After reading their Google reviews, this is not the only time that the staff there did this.

Sharky's Wings & Raw Bar West

When I went to Sharky’s Wings & Raw Bar West, I knew that I could not order wings based on the last two wing experiences that I had. Seeing as how they were known for their seafood (based on the menu since I’ve never been to the place), I ordered the drunken clams. They were delicious and the waiter was very helpful to our large group.

My conclusion is that eating wings may be bad karma, so I’ll have to make wings a special treat. That or the service at independent restaurants is superior to the service at a chain.

Either way, I still love wings.

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