Would You Sniff Mr. Smell Good?

Mr. Smell GoodI can’t believe this actually exists.

There is an actual person/business with the name Mr. Smell Good. I found this card on the ground, as I find some of my business cards that way. It was at the Edison train station where I found it on the arrival side of the tracks.

I guess someone didn’t feel the summer special was good enough to call this guy.

Scented OilHowever, I chose to look at the back of the card rather than calling Mr. Smell Good. “I love da game like rich” was the first sign that this company was not my cup of tea. I’m not one to speak ebonics and I’m not hip to the lingo these kids are speaking nowadays, even though I’m almost 29.

I then decided to check out the Instagram account on the back of the card. As a content marketer, I see that his branding towards people who live the “ghetto”/”hip-hop” lifestyle. This is clearly indicated from the multitude of posts a day of shoes and hats alongside their scented oils.

If I didn’t investigate this Instagram account, I would have never know that Mr. Smell Good offered scented oils and products. The big question is, “would I buy scented oils from this company?” My answer is no, in spite of the good deal that this business card offers.

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