Writing This Blog Was Not So Urgent

Family First Urgent CareIt took me a couple of weeks, but I finally fixed a minor nagging issue that I had with my elbow. I had what they call tennis elbow, even though I don’t play tennis. I knew that this issue was probably over my regular doctor’s head. My regular doctor is not the best, but that’s for another blog.

That’s when I decided to go to First Family Urgent Care one day after work. I wasn’t sure if I dislocated my elbow or something, so I wanted to see what was going on. I could move it easily, so I had no idea what was wrong.

Eventually, after 2 hours, I got called in and waited for about 40 minutes to see a doctor. She looked at my arm and said to get an X-ray. That took a little while, too and they were really nice. They didn’t have a business card though, only a piece of paper. Family First Urgent CareI told them that wasn’t good enough. Then, they charged me $300+ for the X-ray. Thanks guys.

After the X-ray, it took another 30-40 minutes before the doctor saw me, sprayed cold stuff on my arm and took 12 CCs of liquid out of my elbow, all while trying to be funny in whispering broken English.

Overall, I would go back there again if I had an issue needing an urgent care, but would probably not go there at 5 pm after work. Or I would go somewhere else if I was closer to home since I already got a bunch of business cards, as you can plainly see.

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