Business Card Redesign: New Shan-E-Punjab in Iselin NJ

New Shan e PunjabI discovered Indian restaurant New Shan-E-Punjab a few months ago and have regularly gotten takeout from there since it’s conveniently located in Iselin NJ. Since then, I’ve had satisfying Indian meals like chicken mahkani, chicken saag & chicken tikka masala along with basmati rice & garlic naan.

I also discovered that they changed business cards from the first time I went (on top) to the times I’ve gone over the past couple of months (on bottom). Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

Old New Shan-E-Punjab Card

I personally prefer the top business card for a few reasons. For one, the yellow color really makes the logo pop out even if it’s smaller on the card itself. Additionally, it lists the website… which by the way is probably the best way to get a customer to see your menu, especially since the business name is a bit confusing to the naked eye.

I honestly wrote New Shan & Punjab at first. I also noticed another thing on the old business card: the catering number. I think it’s easier for a small restaurant to have just one phone #, so I see that # being eliminated as a strategic move.

New New Shan-E-Punjab Card

Yes, I see new new as repetition, but I find it funny… sort of. Anyhow, the new business card is much simpler to look at with a bigger company logo that includes the phone number. I personally wouldn’t have a phone number in a company logo since it could change… much like the catering number ceasing to exist.

Other than that, a lot of the same elements are in both business cards. Both show the address, phone number and what you will get by ordering from the Indian restaurant: fast food, eat in or take out, Halal & catering available. This redesign isn’t as dramatic as some of the others I’ve spoken about in the past, but I wanted to emphasize it since they make good food and I’d recommend trying them if you want Indian food in 15 minutes.

Business Card Count: 35,844

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