Is There a Doctor Besides Gary Misko Jr of Pemcare in the House?

Dr Gary Misko PemcareFinding a great doctor is hard to do. That’s because the perfect doctor for you takes a level of trust.

Unfortunately, I never felt that with Dr. Gary Misko of Pemcare. It’s a tricky and complex situation to be critical of a doctor since they have so much more medical knowledge than you do.

There were a few reasonsĀ I can think of why I did not feel this trust:

  1. Bedside manner. A lot of the time, he didn’t seem too interested in me as a patient. I understand that I didn’t see him too often, but it was over a 7-year span. It could be attributed to him just not being very emotional, which I can’t fault him for.
  2. Self diagnosis. I really hate to diagnose myself, but I sometimes felt like my self diagnosis was just what he went with. It could have been right, so I can’t fault that.
  3. Dropping the ball. The one time I really needed him, the ball got dropped. I had a medical issue, knew I had it and told the doctor when I needed a referral to see a specialist. He told me to come back if the symptoms keep persisting. I went back the next day and paid a 2nd set of co-pay just to get said referral I wanted to ensure I was healthy (which I am!).
  4. He’s my ex’s doctor. I first went to him since he was close by and the primary care physician of my ex and I never felt a real attachment to him.

So 2 out of the 3 big gripes I have, I’m not sure if I could fault Dr Misko for. The 3rd one is definitely on him, especially when he said “yup, that’s what happened to you medically.” The one perk was that he welcomed walk-ins and I never had to wait more than 20 minutes to be seen by him. I also never questioned his skills or credibility as a doctor.

Dr Jay StarrFor me, trust is something I don’t give very easily and very few people have my trust. I think that I’ve only really completely trusted one non-specialist doctor in my life: Dr Jay Starr, my childhood doctor.

The trust goes beyond just medical practice: it’s with friends, family and significant others. I’m blessed to have a set of people in my life that I trust, but now I need to get myself a doctor who I can trust as well.

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