How Getting a New Patio Door Was Not So Open and Shut

Fate sometimes comes in the most unusual way. This time, it came in the form of what I think was a rock while weed whacking. Or something else.

The point is that the patio door window got shattered, which means it’s time for a new door. I searched online and got some coupons to decide on a few possible choices to do the job.

Window WorldWindow World

The first company I called was Window World in Edison, New Jersey since they offered a pretty good coupon. It’s pretty clear that windows are their specialty, though they also do patio doors.

When I spoke to the man, he measured the door area and told me it would be a pretty easy job to do. The only issue I had was the fact that the guy said their doors weren’t customized, so it would be off by an inch.

Not exactly something you want to hear when you see the price tag of a new door.

Superior Windows and GlassSuperior Windows and Glass

Next up was a call to Superior Windows and Glass in Matawan, New Jersey (which is closer to where I live). This was actually a choice that I made to see if just replacing the glass was an option.

Clearly, it was not. They claimed our door was too old and the fact that it had vertical blinds inside the glass made it impossible. They of course offered to replace the door at a higher fee than Window World. Pass.

Nationwide Window and SidingNationwide Window and Siding

The company I wound up picking was Nationwide Window and Siding whose local headquarters is in Paterson, New Jersey. I met with the sales rep who gave me the same spiel as the other companies about measuring.

However, they added that their doors are custom made, which is really what turned me onto Nationwide Window and Siding. Not to mention the coupon I had plus a $250 discount that was “only available if I signed up today” really put them at the same price point as Window World, except the door would be personalized.

Next, I dealt with James and Raymond when scheduling my appointments for measurement and installation. I got a little bit of the runaround when I was told one date, given an earlier date and then it being canceled on the earlier date just to be moved to the later date. That got annoying, especially in the condescending way I was told “well, understand that your window is 8-10 am, but they’ll probably get there around 9:30 because they have to drive south.” They said this in pretty much every conversation and I was paranoid they’d cancel again with no notice.

But the day of finally came a few weeks later (even though I asked for it to be rushed, which seemed to mean nothing). I must say that the door was put in very efficiently in less time than they estimated. The one bad part of the door installation experience was having to get a certified check for the work. That doesn’t make too much sense to me since it’s not like this has huge legal ramifications.

Would I use Nationwide Window and Siding again? Maybe, though I’d still shop around for a cheaper solution.

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