How Arctic Air Conditioning Fixed a Most Unusual Issue

Sal Del're Arctic Air ConditioningKnowing the AC doesn’t work on a hot day really sucks. This happened one day recently and it was time to call somebody. But I didn’t know anybody.

Since I spent so much time at Home Depot getting paint to give the basement a new coat of paint (pun intended, though my significant other did more painting than I did), I decided to see if they knew someone who could help with this. And they had a company they recommend in my area called Arctic Air Conditioning.

I received a call from Arctic Air Conditioning to set up an appointment a couple of days later and they had openings, so it was only for a weekend that the AC didn’t work. Early Monday morning came and so did Sal Del’re.

If the R in his name is capitalized, I can’t tell from the business card, which has a cool cartoon Eskimo mascot on it who looks to be dancing. But I digress.

Sal was very helpful in fixing our air conditioning issue. Well, issues technically. The first one was more minor when he pulled the air filter out that got SUCKED INSIDE the unit. It looked like a dusty flattened accordion by the end.

The more major issue was a wire not working since it appears to have been cut. The basement was home to many wires that led nowhere, so it must have been pulled on by accident. My bad people.

I’d use Arctic Air Conditioning again and hope that Sal would return to help us out. Or maybe somebody else with a different business card can, so I can add a new one to my collection.

Business Card Count: 36,378

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