How an Incompetent Home Depot Employee Almost Cost Me Over $500

I mentioned in my previous blog post that my HOA had some “architectural assessment” issues that included the shed door and the attic vent needing to be painted white. The door was no problem, but the attic vent concerned me.

Joseph AnselowitzThat’s because I felt like I needed to rent a ladder to get up the 2 stories to the vent. And I decided that I wanted to rent one at Home Depot and the location in Howell, New Jersey is the one that had the most ladder variety in my area.

I met with the Tool Rental Manager and he seemed to be helpful in letting me know that the ladder I wanted to rent (32 foot) could be tied to the roof of my car (a Nissan Sentra) with 20 feet of rope doing the trick.

Oh, how wrong he was. My first clue should have been indicated by the guy who helped me find the right rope for the job. He pretty much scoffed and rolled his eyes when I told him 20 feet of rope would do the job. He said I should get like 75 feet… that’s a lot more than the Tool Rental Manager said!

Ron OrocchiThen, I went to pick up the ladder the same day after getting a comforter to be a buffer between my roof and the ladder. Thankfully, the Sales Associate (who I assume is below the Tool Rental Manager) showed up and said that what I was trying to do was totally illegal on so many levels.

I was told that I would be a cop’s wet dream since I could get so many tickets that it’d cost me more than $500/a lot of points and I would fulfill a cop’s quota for the month.¬†And the excuse of the Tool Rental Manager, who told me this was perfectly legal when I asked? “I didn’t know that your car’s roof was rounded.”

REALLY?! How would that have any bearing on the length of the ladder? That’s what the Sales Associate asked with no response from the Tool Rental Manager. Man, thankfully that sales associate was there… otherwise I would have been in deep trouble and possibly have gotten car damage or killed someone if that ladder fell.

I wound up renting a smaller ladder that didn’t work and then buying a paint roller extension pole that got me 23 feet extra length, so I can do the job myself in 15 minutes. Man, I didn’t think that through for all the trouble it was for this to get done on time.

Home Depot Howell NJ

But at least I got some business cards with the company logo, as well as these generic non-corporate ones.

Business Card Count: 33,419

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