It’s Official: I’m a Homeowner (My Wife is, Too)

We finally closed on a home. The whole process took a long while because of the lack of response from the seller initially and then some confusion with the realtors over an issue that I’ll address in a future blog post.

Our attorney Ian Bloom from Uniglicht Legal Group and Chrissy from Victoria Abstract Settlement Services made the paperwork process fairly quick and simply, which was nice. Beth wishes it would have been more personal, but it’s just business and paperwork that’s tedious. I didn’t need it to be a personal conversation experience, but it was nice to find out that the other realtor dropped the ball several times.

The closing was initially scheduled for February 19th, but got pushed back to March 10th. That’s fine since we still have our apartment until March 31st, but it now gives us 2 weekends to clean & pack. We’ve made some progress so far, but have a long way to go.

Good thing, I’m motivated to get it done! But, I’ve found some interesting things at the new house while cleaning such as a set of handcuffs in the closet, a naked Barbie doll “buried” in the backyard, a XXL poncho and even some baby photos. But the best thing I found was… a business card!

Gonzalez's Taxi

No matter where I go, it seems like I run into a business card. And finding one in the new house is just the first sign that this will be home.

Business Card Count: 32,393

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