Popping My H&R Block Cherry with Ellen Sowers

Ellen Sowers H&R BlockGetting my taxes done was always a bit of a core for me even though I’ve never met the person who did my taxes face to face. I always just had to mail my tax documents to my mother who would in turn give them to an accountant whose business card I never received.

That all changed this year because of my marriage. Firstly, we had to file together and secondly, she uses H&R Block. She always goes to the Piscataway, New Jersey location and works with Ellen Sowers.

So off I went for my first visit to the Block. Beth told me pretty much what to expect from my cherry popping: sitting around for about an hour or so & dropping a couple hundred dollars. But, there was more to the story.

The Ellen Sowers Experience

Sowers explained to me what some of the things on my tax paperwork meant, which was a nice added bonus. I like learning more about how things work and taxes were no exception.

I also excused myself to go to the bathroom, so I can snag myself some more employee business cards. Did you know they rank employees at H&R Block by number? I saw some Tax Specialist 3 cards (and I think there was a 2 in there also), so I’m glad when I knew my taxes were being done by a 5.

The best part of it all though was knowing that I’m getting a refund. It’s always a nice feeling when you get money back, especially at this time because of the house. The refund is bigger than usual, but that could be because of our joint filing.

All in all, my first H&R Block experience was a good one (I did play some games on my phone while the numbers were being put into the software by Sowers) & we’ll be using them for the foreseeable future.

Business Card Count: 32,411

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