Rich Tree Service Gave Our Backyard Some Non-Christmas Tree Removal

Rich Tree ServiceThe symbolism of a Christmas tree is so representative of the holiday season from Rockefeller Center to the one in your own home. Today, I’m talking about a different type of tree: a dead one.

More specifically, a really large dead one, a smaller dead one and 2 fig trees that we’re knocking out to make way for a fruit & vegetable garden next spring. That’s where Rich Tree Service comes in.

Or more specifically, a coupon for them plus seeing how they didn’t get bad reviews online. Anyway, we placed the call and the initial person (I assume Charles) came over and gave his estimate for how much the removal of the 2 trees & grinding the 2 fig trees down to the stump would cost.

Then I was informed by Rich Tree Service that in order to take the trees out that part of our fence would have to be removed. That was definitely acceptable since it was promised that it would be put back together. And it was. However, I was neglected to be told that there would be huge tree parts placed on our front lawn and one of our outdoor Christmas decorations subsequently stopped working for good after the tree service was done.

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The backyard was also torn up some because they had to drive a small vehicle into it to take down the tree and remove the tree parts. The most interesting thing was that the big tree that died took 3 chainsaws to remove because it wasn’t just wood. Parts of rock and metal actually got infused with the roots, causing there to be a difficult time for them.

But, they were quick, efficient and very helpful in removing a metal pole stuck up in our yard as well. The previous owners of the house were garden enthusiasts and had this pole up for the purposes of their plants. I did discover that the pole was not disposed of, but just thrown to the side under some leaves. This was disappointing since I got the impression that Rich Tree Service would be getting rid of it for us, but not too much of a shock since it’s not made of metal.

I didn’t catch a name, but I also found one of the tree service people to be a bit of a jerk/phony even though he was trying to be funny. That’s what happens when you try to be jokey with a customer you don’t really know.

Would I recommend Rich Tree Service if you’re looking for tree removal in Central New Jersey? I would say that they did the job that was asked of them, but I wish I was a bit more informed that there would be huge tree chunks in our front yard since I would have removed any electronics including the one that stopped working after their service.

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