Ron Snipes Birthday Bash: My First Multicultural Comedy Show

Comedy Show Perth Amboy NJIf you couldn’t tell by my photo (which is from my most recent birthday bash), I’m quite white. I’m probably the whitest person I know and I once met Casper.

I put the Caucasian in Caucasian. Okay, I’ll stop now.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not as entertained by Hispanic comedians like George Lopez or black comedians like Chris Rock for whatever reason, but I recently went to the Ron Snipes Birthday Bash since a friend of mine knew the man who was being honored on this night.

Ron Snipes Birthday Bash

And I’ll also admit that I was skeptical going in that I wouldn’t really get a lot of the humor being portrayed. And I must say that there were parts I couldn’t related to from all 5 comedians who performed at the Ron Snipes Birthday Bash.

However, I could appreciate the humor since I was surrounded by the laughter of others with the few jokes I didn’t exactly get and there were a good amount of jokes and plays on words that I found humorous. They all brought me into a world where I can imagine their hypothetical situations happening in real life.

Among the comedians who gave a set were Marshall Brandon, Edgar Rivera and Ruperto Vanderpool. I honestly don’t know who was who except by the order they went in, but their topics varied across the board. I must say I truly enjoyed myself and would do it again if asked, especially if they served a buffet like this event did (with meatballs, rice, roasted chicken, hot wings & carbs I opted out of).

The only other comedy club I went to was in NYC for my friend Jon’s bachelor party. That was funny as well, though the funniest moment was when my other friend Jerry hit one menu and it started a domino effect into another menu, into my glass of wine and landing splat onto my pants. Funny times.

I spoke with the host/guest of honor and Ron seemed like a good person, as were the other comedians on hand for the after party.

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