The Moving Process Including a Cleaning by Crestwood Carpet Care

Crestwood Carpet CareI feel like this moving process has been the toughest thing I’ve had to go through in recent memory. Between the pressure of packing and getting everything in order with the seller having to do things they wouldn’t, it drained me mentally.

However, my wife Beth has been a wonderful help with the move (aside from packing of which I did about 85% of). One of the things she arranged was to have the carpets steam cleaned.

She took the day off of work on the Friday before the move to meet with a cleaner from Crestwood Carpet Care. They required us to vacuum the house, which I was a little disappointed at since I would have thought they would have done that because they’re a carpet cleaning company.

Regardless, Crestwood Carpet Care did a good job at cleaning everything up (except for some stuck on gunk from the previous tenant’s kids toys) and the house smelled steamed fresh for the entire move and the first few days of our residence.

The Move Itself

Moving day was so hectic and for the second move in a row, I used Hercules Movers (based in Perth Amboy NJ) who get one strike against them already for not having a business card. The move itself went smoothly with only a few things breaking including:

  • a TV stand handed down to me that seconded as a shelf in the closet of my old apartment
  • the ONE piece of China that I brought to the party, a commemorative plate from Litchfield CT given to me by my grandfather
  • some miscellaneous glass that probably broke from the move from Beth’s townhouse to our apartment
  • my patience since the movers used the bathroom without asking twice, one time a guy left the door open & almost saw and the other a 2nd guy pooping (good thing they didn’t do it on my new toilet seats)

They did a good job 4 years ago, but this year was not as good. Even though no big ticket items broke, Hercules Movers were still 20 minutes late to the move and took an hour and a half to drive 35-40 minutes from apartment to house. I forced them to take $50 off the bill, but I think I’ll be looking for new movers when the next move happens.

Business Card Count: 32,469

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