Throwback: Myspace and Its Cool Social Media Business Card

Old Myspace Business CardSocial media has such an impact on life nowadays and Myspace is a long distant memory when thinking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms I don’t use. Because I do some social media as a part of my job and I have the business card, I wanted to reminiscence.

I used Myspace before the days of Facebook up until I met my wife in 2009 to interact with friends and meet women, both of which I was successful at. I eventually abandoned Myspace because I didn’t need to meet women and the fact that none of my friends used it anymore.

I heard the news that Justin Timberlake bought Myspace & it’s now a music hub. I get my music from YouTube, but that’s just me… and a lot of other people around the world. Myspace may be irrelevant to my life and a lot of other people’s, but one thing does ring true though: Myspace is still more relevant than Google+.

I also wanted to share this because of the business card itself. I got it way back when from Lesley, who happens to (technically still) be my stepsister-in-law whom I don’t speak with for one simple, but complicated reason I don’t want to blog about. We never really spoke except briefly at family functions anyhow… but I’m going down a rabbit hole for someone who doesn’t hold a grudge with her.

The business card shows the Myspace of old, back when we remember using it. You got your name at the top, a personalized quote and other personal info like your interests and contact info. It’s a cool little piece of history and that’s why it’s one of my favorite cards.

Hey, it even says you’re Online Now! No, you’re not on Myspace now… liar. Unless she still works there, I have no idea.

Business Card Count: 32,716

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