Throwback: Falling in Love With My First Slice at West Islip Pizza

West Islip PizzaIf you didn’t know by my blogs already, one of my favorite foods is pizza. And the first place I remember having pizza was in my hometown of West Islip NY on Long Island.

And naturally, the pizza place closest to my house was called West Islip Pizza when I was a kid. As a local SEO expert, this is the golden goose of business names in an especially competitive market like the pizzeria business.

But alas, it was either sold or renamed to Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta in the mid-90s before the Internet was a thing. But back to West Islip Pizza, I remember the little man on the business card so well. I always asked myself, “why is that chef smelling the pizza?”

That little man always indicated that a good time would be had since I loved (and still love) pizza. Even the 2 most important kids in my life always ask for pizza and get it sometimes. Sometimes we order one and sometimes I make it.

But let’s throw back to the past again. My love for pizza has been around for a lifetime and West Islip Pizza sparked it all. It caused me to try slices in my hometown from the aforementioned Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, Slices n’ Ices, Italiano’s and Cafe Europa in my formative years.

It’s inspired me to maybe, just maybe, go back to West Islip one day and try a slice from each pizzeria that exists there now and rank them from best to worse. Then again, housing a whole lot of pizza at 32 might not be the healthiest strategy… though, I’d work it off at the gym.

I’m curious what pizza everyone likes or liked the best from their time in West Islip…

Business Card Count: 37,002

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