Why You Shouldn’t Live in Durham Woods of Edison NJ

Durham Woods Edison NJThe security deposit check has cleared and it’s been enough time for the money to never return to them. So I’m free to speak out about my experience living at Durham Woods for the past 3 years in Edison, New Jersey.

Let me start off by saying that the apartment we lived in (The Birch 1-bedroom with a skyroom) was nice and spacious for the amount of things we had between possessions & furniture. But there’s more to an apartment than that.

4 Reasons to Avoid Durham Woods

Durham Woods Laundry1. The Laundry

One of the biggest selling points to me about this apartment was the number of laundry machines available. However, that’s where the convenience of the laundry ended.

  • The machines were always broken. If you ever used the bottom set of dryers in Building 41, you will NEVER get dry clothes. I think those machines ate $100 of my money.
  • The machines did not take quarters. Instead, you had to have a card that you added money in $5, $10 or $20 intervals for. Worst of all, only certain buildings had machines to refill your money and sometimes that functionality was broken.
  • They spent the money to upgrade the video camera system in the laundry room instead of getting machines that actually worked.

Durham Woods Snow Plowing2. The “Plowing”

One of the amenities you’re supposed to get in an apartment complex is them plowing the roads within the complex and ensuring all snow is clear. Clearly, that’s not what happened.

During the most recent blizzard, the snowplows did a very slow and subpar job. It wasn’t just me who wasn’t satisfied: here’s a Facebook post with comments to show how lackluster they were.

Not to mention the lack of cleaning of parking spots, which was evidenced 2 years ago by the hand-shaped dents put into my old car since there was a block of ice disabling my car from getting out of a parking spot. Expect to be trapped during a snowstorm.

3. Penny Pinching

As exampled by the first 2 reasons above, Durham Woods is cheap. We had a leak in our living room ceiling and inquired with the maintenance team to fix it. It would be a temporary patching since the leak would eventually come back. After the 3rd attempt at fixing it, we just gave up since it was clear maintenance was going to do nothing to fix it.

4. Rent Increases

This happened EVERY year in spite of the horrible plowing issues, the broken laundry machines and below-par maintenance.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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