Business Card Collection Outsourcing

Not all of the business cards in my collection have actually been collected by me. Does this depress me? A little, but if it wasn’t for family and friends who grabbed some cards for me, I wouldn’t have many of the ones that I do have since I’ve never been to those places.

Delta Transmissions Corporation

One person who contributes to my business card collecting habit is my grandmother. She told me about this company called Delta Transmissions over Easter that helped her out a lot when her Toyota RAV4 had trouble. She’s also gotten me many during her trips to New Mexico to visit my uncle, Pennsylvania Dutch country and other places that I wouldn’t normally go to.

Black Strawberry

My brother also helps out. Recently, him and his wife went down to South Africa on their honeymoon and I was excited and grateful to see that they brought me back some business cards. I highly doubt that I’ll ever go to that country, so I’m glad that I’m able to add them to my collection. You can see some more of them below.

Business Cards South AfricaBusiness Cards South Africa

Business Cards South Africa

A few of my other business card contributors include my aunt & uncle, my girlfriend Beth, my mother, my cousin Monica and my other uncle. So, if you ever see someone snatching a bunch of business cards, chances are that they’re for me.

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