Business Card Redesign: Peter’s Diner in Amityville NY

Peters Diner Amityville NYI’ve seen plenty of diners have business cards that showcases the classic diner look of the building’s outside. That was the case for Peter’s Diner in Amityville, New York (on Long Island, and yes from Amityville Horror).

Key word isĀ was. I don’t recall when I got the original Peter’s Diner business card above, but I just recently got the new one over the holidays. I really like it when business cards stand out and seeing the actual exterior of a restaurant.

That’s why I was a bit miffed that they exchanged the classic look with the old-school font for a generic black business card with a knife, fork and plate. Not even a napkin, unless you count the Peter’s Diner banner across the middle.

Then, I took a look and realized that the addresses and phone numbers were different. I Googled to see if there was a fire in the old location or something, but nothing came up except for inconsistent online citations. I guess that explains the need for a redesign if the diner is now in a different building.

I definitely prefer the first card and would recommend that they take a picture of the new diner exterior and do it up like they used to. Unless the new diner building is uglier… in that case, I guess #2 is a-okay.

Please note I’ve never eaten here. This is strictly about the business card redesign.

Business Card Count: 34,305

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