End-of-the-Year Business Card Wrap Up

It’s the end of another year and I was able to get many different business cards to add to my collection, as well as a lot of duplicate cards (meaning it’s the exact same card without any differences in color, font, shape, photo and other distinguishing characteristics excluding writing, Wite Out and taped over parts).

To wrap it all up, here’s a brief rundown of a couple of different restaurants I’ve tried with coworkers that I was able to snag a business card for.

Mumford'sMumford’s was one destination where we went out to for two of my coworker’s birthdays. It’s a nice breakfast-lunch place right by my office and is a favorite of my bosses because of the quality of food.

It was right on for me since I ordered a spinach and house-smoked salmon salad with Romano cheese, black pepper and shaved fennel. I opted not to get the shaved red onion or the scallion-citrus vinaigrette, as I don’t like either.

FujiNext up is Fuji, where I was taken out by my immediate boss. I feel as though sushi is sushi and I enjoy it very much.

On this occasion, I had the Crazy Tuna (pepper tuna and avocado inside topped with spicy tuna, spicy mayo, masago and tempura flakes) and an avocado & cucumber roll. This place also offers hibachi, so I’d definitely go back one time for that.

That Hot Dog PlaceThe final restaurant on my wrap up is That Hot Dog Place. It’s the home of the Soupmeister, but that doesn’t mean he serves hot dog flavored water, like Limp Bizkit. Remember them?

But I digress. I had some vegetable soup from there and had to get a chili cheese dog also, which included a quarter-pound hot dog. Was it healthy? Nope. Was it good? Yes.

Be aware that this place is cash only.

There were many more business cards I collected this year and will collect next year that you can read all about in my blog! Happy New Year!!

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