NJ Diners Have Really Spoiled Me

Americana DinerI am a big fan of diners. It’s for a combination of reasons including them being independently owned and operated, unlike chain restaurants that feel a little more like a factory and the food doesn’t have the uniqueness that a diner’s does.

I also enjoy the large menus that diners offer in my area. Venturing out to PA showed me one thing: NJ diners have really spoiled me.

A couple of months ago, I went to the Americana Diner in Bechtelsville PA. Once I sat down and got my menu, I noticed it was small.

NJ DinersDiners in NJ

That’s the whole menu folks. I’m used to going to diners that have 8-10 page menus and a variety of food choices on it.

Diners in New Jersey

This diner seems to just have the basics, so I ordered a burger (pictured left) that came with a tiny shot of coleslaw (which I didn’t eat) and a bag of chips. When restaurants say potato chips, I would expect them to be laid out on the plate and not in a bag. At least I can see how many calories I consumed.

The food tasted generic and didn’t really stand out either way. It was a cheap meal that fueled me on my drive home, along with a granola bar I picked up from a convenience store.

After reading the Yelp reviews, I know I chose poorly. Womp womp.

New Jersey DinersIt was cool that the car in the photo was also present in the parking lot when I came and ate there. However, a nice car I can look at on the business card won’t make me eat there again.

Have you eaten at this diner & have thoughts? Do you like the variety on the menu of the various diners in NJ? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!


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