This Business Card Only Uses Hashtags

Hashtag Business CardThis one is a first for me. I’ve seen hashtags used in social media marketing, but never as the only form of marketing on a business card.

I celebrated my 30th birthday recently, but I’m not too old to know how hashtags work. What I don’t know is how hashtags on a business card would work if there isn’t even a company listed.

Based on looking at them, it looks like the main goal of these hashtags is to help people.

But they also seem vague. That’s why I wanted to investigate each of these hashtags to see if people are using them.


Math Help

It appears that #MathHelp is the hashtag used by something called the Math Crunch app. Clearly, it doesn’t help with English, Science or Chemistry. In fact, Math Crunch app-related Tweets are the only thing this hashtag seems to be used for.


English Help

The #EnglishHelp hashtag seems to be more oriented towards the intended goal of this card, IMO. Not many people use this hashtag for things ranging from ESL to grammar advice.


Science Help

It seems like #ScienceHelp brings out a bigger variety of inquiries. Some of the ones I see are downright silly, but not many people use this hashtag either.


Chem Help

#ChemHelp seems to be the hashtag that people use the most to communicate to one another. Kudos to BeakerBabe for the cool Twitter handle.

Conclusion: I’m not sure if using a hashtag without your name or your company’s name is a wise move since anybody can use a hashtag at random.

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