Why I Enjoyed the Quality of This Inn

Quality Inn East Windsor NJLast weekend, I threw the bachelor party for Jerry, one of my good friends. It was an all-day thing at Six Flags Great Adventure, where we rode on 11 rides since it rained right before we arrived.

This blog is about the hotel we stayed at after running around: the Quality Inn in East Windsor NJ. As soon as we arrived, it was a bit scary since it shares the same land as a sketchy motel, the Town House Motor Inn.

The type where you find a used heroin needle in the nightstand drawer next to the Bible.

But I digress. My first impression of walking in the room was great. It was much bigger than I imagined it to be and felt like we didn’t need the cot we couldn’t get with four of us staying there. Everything was clean and the bed was quite comfortable to pass out in. Yeah, I said it. Don’t judge.

The customer service was also great. I asked where the nearest bar was (since I did research and forgot the name). Not only did he tell me where it was, but gave us a 15% off coupon. Awesome.

They offered breakfast, but we didn’t partake. It looked like a typical hotel breakfast with juice, coffee, yogurt, cereal and maybe a hot item or two. I’d definitely stay here again if I had to, although I really don’t see why I would since it’s only 40 minutes from home.

Tell me about any experience you had at the Quality Inn East Windsor or the neighboring Town House Motor Inn in the comments below or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling!

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