Would You Suck on People’s Pops?

People's PopsI find business cards wherever I go. In the case of this two-sided card, I found it after a job interview on the train. I didn’t even notice it until after I sat down, so it was like destiny.

I was quite hot and bothered when picking up the card since it was a long day walking about Manhattan and taking the subway in a suit. In other words, I felt like hot garbage. Ick.

I was even more so when I read what People’s Pops was all about.

Peoples PopsFrom their website, they convert local fruit into ice pops and they have locations throughout the city. Apparently, they do events as well.

Since I like eating fruit and always want a snack that uses healthier ingredients, I would definitely be willing to try it. I normally have sugar-free popsicles since there are so many artificial sugars in the ice pops on the market, but I’m willing to have the natural sugar that’s in real fruit.

Would you try People’s Pops? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @ChrisKeuling if you would and if you’ve already tried it.

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