My Collection of Wood Business Cards

A majority of my business cards are made out of the same thickness of paper. Some have elevated font, some have letterpress (a term I learned thanks to my wedding invitations) and others feel like a picture. There are even some plastic ones.

I’d like to focus today on the business cards in my collection that are made of wood. They are quite rare, so I wanted to show off these cards.

Debbie ProvostDebbie Provost

My first wood business card was given to me by my brother after him & his wife (then girlfriend or fiancee, I can’t recall which) went to see her grandparents in New Hampshire. The use of wood makes sense because it’s clear that Debbie uses white birch in the crafts that she sells.

It’s one of my favorites because of the woodsy smell and how fragile it is. It was also my only wood business card for a while until I received one another from one of my wife’s coworkers.

Allistair LeeAllistair Lee

This wood business card was one of the many I received because they were old media contacts that the coworker must have elsewhere. I guess Pocket Insider wanted to make their business cards unique to other media, so it can stand out.

Mission accomplished. Wood material AND raised & indented font does the trick for me.

B2 Bistro Red Bank NJB2 Bistro and Bar

Given to me via one of my wife’s coworkers, B2 Bistro and Bar is a restaurant in Red Bank NJ by her job.

With an interesting list of cocktails, an assortment of cheese choices and plenty of potentially good meal options, I’d love to try it sometime. I’d definitely be curious to see if the wood on the business card goes with the restaurant’s design theme.

Business Card Count: 31,110

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