Fancy Eating (with) You Here

Sempre Vivolo

My mother turned 60 a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I’m aware that this blog should have been published last weekend at the latest, but my new job has kept me quite busy.

Anyway, the restaurant that she chose to eat at is called Sempre Vivolo. This is a fancier restaurant where a sports coat is required. But only on Saturdays. Weird.

It was a quality evening with some quality food. I started off with an order of mozzarella in carrozza based on how good it was at Cafe Picasso. It was tasty, but not as much so as it did at Cafe Picasso because it was too cheesy. There was more of a balance of breading and cheese at Cafe Picasso.

Orange RoughyFor dinner, I decided to try something different. I saw something called orange roughy. I Wikipedia’d it and it was originally called a slimehead, but it doesn’t sound too appetizing on a menu. I can imagine the gasps from the upper middle class women who see a slimehead on the menu.

I had mine sauteed in a balsamic vinegar reduction and topped with caramelized onions and Portobello mushroom with a side of broccoli and a little potato. I felt that this meal was pretty good and a nice portion size. I ate it all and some good bread came before it, too. The butter was flower shaped to match the elegant atmosphere.

The only flaw about this place is the price. They valet park your car and I didn’t feel like paying for that, so I parked in the shopping center next to it. Because it’s a fancier restaurant, the price point was also steeper. Other than that, it was a good experience and some good quality family time.

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