Got a Supercut on My Price

Supercuts NJI can’t believe this is my second time blogging about getting a haircut. I only get it done once a month, but here I am going on and on about it.

This specific blog is about a great customer service experience that I received at the Supercuts in Piscataway NJ this week. For 2 years, I’ve been going to this location on and off. It was evident by the card I had in my wallet that was going to get me a free haircut after 12 visits.

Well, that is until I was told “I’m sorry, but we stopped this program on June 30.” Womp womp womp.

However, they did give me a discount (half off) because I had the card (great customer service, good conversation while in the chair, will go back again). And a nice haircut for the wedding I’m going to on Sunday. I hope to bring some cards back from the Boston area since that’s where the wedding will be.

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