Grill N Fill Bagels Presidential Breakfast

Grill n Fill BagelsThe other day, my girlfriend Beth bought me breakfast from a local bagel store, Grill N Fill Bagels. I wasn’t sure what to expect when she brought it home, but I wound up getting an egg white and cheddar cheese sandwich.

On an everything bagel. Translation: I had a hell of a breakfast. It doesn’t seem like much can go wrong when you have those three elements.

Grill n Fill BagelsOne thing I did notice on the business card: the person whose business card it is has the title of President. I’m sorry, but I think that title is inflated.

They could have said Owner or Proprietor like some of their nearby competitors. I have their business cards, I know how the game is played.

Nothing against the food (since I inhaled it), but I don’t buy the President title. I don’t see a President making bagels. Just sayin’.

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