Popping the Crepe Cherry

Crepes du NordMy girlfriend Beth and I went to Bridgewater Commons yesterday and we went out to lunch to California Pizza Kitchen, which was sub par because the pizza was not very good compared to an independent pizzeria. Then, we did a little shopping and decided that we wanted dessert.

Beth told me that we should go to Crepes du Nord because I got excited when I saw the place when passing it by. On our way, she told me that she never had crepes before.

My thought was, “you’ve never had crepes?!” I told her that it’s essentially fried dough in the form of a thin-crust pancake topped with dessert goodness. Or you can get something savory with it, but I digress.

So, now we had to get some. I ate one with Nutella and bananas, while hers had dark chocolate and strawberries. After the first bite, now a crepe maker has been added onto our imaginary wedding registry.

I told her about the first time I ate crepes. It was when I was studying and interning in London in 2005, where I had easy access from my internship since a street cart vendor was selling crepes that I got regularly with cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. I remember it melting in my mouth and being the perfect end to my lunch breaks.

I don’t remember eating crepes at any other time until yesterday. What was your first crepe experience?


  1. Meaghhan says:

    You *have* to register for the crepe pan at crate and barrel. We did, because I often make crepes for breakfast, and its really the best thing ever!

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