Quite the Intriguing Business Card

Patsy WrightOne thing that you should know about me is that I’m not religious. Another thing is that I don’t like organized religion in general.

But, I was quite intrigued when I came across this business card at a grocery store by me. That’s because it’s a very oddly specific thing that Patsy Wright does. How many people in the area are deaf? How many of them know ASL? How many of them are Christian?

I don’t think it’s relevant, as Wright is doing this for free. Maybe she feels that people needing a little spiritual guidance from the Bible can learn more, although they can read it. I’m assuming they need an outlet to answer questions that they have.

It’s a good thing that this person is doing out of the kindness of her heart. Religion isn’t something that has me curious to learn more, as it’s not really my thing, but it’s good that people who were born or got this detriment are able to have this option available. The very few people who are deaf, know ASL and are Christian.

I guess it should be called a volunteer card. It still goes in the business card collection though.

P.S. Does that email address (the one way of contacting this woman) have a typo in it? If it does, then that’s just cruel.

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